Get Up and Move!

Back in March, we posted a Get Active Every Hour Challenge on our Facebook page. This challenge was to remind all of us to get up and move while being stuck at home for the most of the day. I decided to give us all another reminder of how important it is for us to […]

Hill Training

If you’re a runner, I’m sure you know the feeling of seeing a hill coming up on a run or a race and dreading the climb. Running uphill is definitely challenging, but if you train and prepare for it, you can learn how to tackle the hill properly. Whether you’re a runner training for a […]

Let’s Talk Hydration!

Drink more water! How often do you hear that, and how often do you say “I’m going to drink more water” and never stick to it? I’ve done it several times and tend to go through waves of being really good at drinking my recommended amount of water and not being so good at it. […]